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The pace of change in business today is a whirlwind, particularly in the high-tech arena. Business, Industry, Academia and even Governmental Agencies are scrambling to maintain competitive positions. In this highly dynamic climate there are some questions you should be asking yourself:


  • Does your present position best fit your talents?

  • Does your present position suggest you have a bright future?

  • Does your present compensation meet today’s industry standards?

  • Have you been relegated to funeral director for yesterday’s technology?

  • Have you been "right-sized" right out of a job?

  • Or,maybe you’re just looking for a change?



HighTechSearch has the national and international networks to place you in the right position, Temporary, Contract, or Permanent, at the best compensation possible!


HighTechSearch has had the broad, high-level experience in business, industry, government and academia to KNOW HOW to MATCH you with the right position. Further, we can make sure your resume reflects your true abilities and hallmarks your accomplishments so that you can be placed in the best possible position and so that you and your prospective employer can be confident that the match is a mutual fit!

Many of our client companies today are looking for talented help to fill contract positions for varying lengths of time, both in the United States and abroad.


High-Tech can help you be the right match for these positions by tailoring your situation to meet the needs of these clients. High-Tech then takes steps to keep you fully employed on a contract basis. This type of work can be particularly advantageous FOR YOU in the fast-paced, changing business climate of today.
















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