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CEO - Armando (Al) Minutoli

Mr. Minutoli has many years of experience in both corporate and entrepreneurial enterprise including diversified Company Administration, Human Resource Management, Internal and External Organizational And, Service Quality Consulting, Funding of Businesses, Commercial Real Estate Brokerage and negotiation.


He founded HighTechSearch.Net, which developed into a leading producer of executive and technical placements at major Fortune-level companies. His background includes heavy emphasis in the military and commercial, state-of-the-art, electronics, computers and peripherals in the R & D, Manufacturing and Production environments. He also has extensive experience in fortune 200 corporate employment, EEO, employee relations, wage and salary administration, training and supervision. Including, formulation and management of policy and procedures.


He is also published author and screenwriter. His first writing project was a non-fiction book about the Apparitions of the Blessed Virgin Mary in the small village of Medjugorje in then Yugoslavia, now Bosnia-Herzegovina. Titled: “Medjugorje, A Pilgrim’s Journey.” Originally published in 1991; with the forward and collaboration by Author, John Westermann (Exit Wounds). Because of popular demand it was re-released (Second Edition) in 2010. Also, the book is in the process of its Spanish language translation.


He has also just published a novel “The Hester Street Kids” A Drama-Thriller with an underlying message of moral choices, evokes a range of emotions through first hand encounters of Mobster gang life in the 50s, lust for territory and control, serial plotting and murder, the family code and secrets. Also, in 2016 he published: "Schism, Something is Amiss in Heaven Again!"


He has also written the screenplay adaptions for both “SCHISM” and “THE HESTER STREET KIDS.” In the past he has written articles for the National Catholic Register and articles about Marian apparitions for local Long Island, NY publications. For more information on his books please viist:


He was awarded a Bachelor of Science Social Welfare with a minor in psychology and a Master’s of Science in Clinical Social Work from Fordham University School of Social Service with emphasis on psycho-dynamic psychotherapy.

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