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Armando (Al) Minutoli, CEO

                                                                                               About Us


HighTechSearch.Net IS: celebrating its THIRTY-THIRD anniversary and since its inception in 1983has built its reputation by meeting recruitment needs in the toughest business climates with a highly professional approach to business services. We utilize expert technical consultants and/or permanent, direct placements for both candidates and clients in the industry.


HighTechSearch.Net LOOKS FOR: Creative professionals who can meet deadlines capably and take on challenges rapidly. Our applicants are skilled and up-to-date on the latest hardware and software technologies and operating systems. They have also demonstrated the ability to stay up to date.


HighTechSearch.Net SELECTS PROS: Who have expertise in designing and developing such technologies as analog, digital, microprocessor, opto-mechanical, laser, infrared, RF microwave, wireless/cellular, broadband program management, IT networks, marketing, sales and programming, etc.  And , State–of-the-Art Software development.



                                                                                             Who We Are


HighTechSearch.Net HAS: The broad, high-level management experience to knowledgeably screen candidates and MATCH just the right people to your needs, from a complete project team to senior managers to the cubicle. Further, candidates must pass our thorough, rigorous interview process to validate skills, training and readiness before being proposed to an enterprise.




                                                                         Our Employers


In today's volatile business climate which demands that costs be kept under control, the advantage goes to the enterprise that maintains a right-sized work force but can add the right people as needed to meet demand. HighTechSearch.Net can provide the people you need when and where you need them, ready to go to work with the right skills and training, far as long as you need them on a permanent, temporary or contract basis.







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